$100 bonus for becoming a BECU member

Sign up for an account with BECU and meet the new account requirements (see below) and receive $100!

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Bonus: $100
Time: Less than 10 minutes to sign up
Company: Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)
Purchase required: Depends (see steps required)
Steps required: In order to qualify for the bonus, open a Member Share or Member Advantage savings account and checking account; use promo code RAFQ219 and referral code 1335064 when you sign up; then perform 5 or more: purchases with your BECU Debit Mastercard®, checks (physical or electronic), payments using bill pay; OR deposit $500 or more into you checking account.
Restrictions: Unknown
Notes: None

Established in 1935 by a group of Boeing employees, BECU is guided by the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” As a credit union, BECU is a not-for-profit operation. Unlike banks, they don’t report to shareholders, who expect high returns on their investment. BECU doesn’t have shareholder, they are owned by their members and exist solely to serve their members.

What this means is that rather than worrying about making money, BECU spends time and resources ensuring members spend less of their dollars. Profits made by BECU are returned to members in the form of better rates and fewer fees.

Source: https://www.becu.org/members-matter/about-membership/credit-unions-vs-banks

BECU offers Free Checking and Savings Accounts that have no minimum balance requirement and no monthly fees. Join the Credit Union revolution and open your accounts today.

Click here to open your BECU accounts and get $100 after meeting the simple requirements.

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4 Replies to “$100 bonus for becoming a BECU member”

  1. Hey Guys! Welcome to use my referral code:
    (Valid until Dec 25, 2018)
    Promo Code: 100REF18
    Unique referral code: 2517156

    It’s pretty straight forward and all you need to do is to deposit $500 into checking account to be qualified. No monthly fee, no inactivity charge etc.

    Two good things to mention are:
    1. International Wire Transfer incoming is FREE of charge. Chase usually charged $15 for such transactions. I transferred my money from Canada in and it is all free. Use Wells Forgo’s SWIFT code for incoming wire, just ask for details when you walk into a branch if you need this kind of services.
    2. The first $500 in checking and first $500 in savings have a special interest rate (a high 5% and 6%) so it’s a free $50 every year to just keep $1000 in the account. While you need to make at least one transaction or direct deposit to maintain this feature. Or just schedule a 2-dollar ACH transfer monthly to satisfy this requirement. Also, if you don’t do so, the account is still free and you don’t need to call in the make a switch.

    If anyone loves to use my referral code to get $100 I really appreciated! Comment below if you did use one 🙂

    Here is a link if you want to open the account online: https://www.becu.org/members-matter/about-membership/Membership

    Two bonuses:
    1. GO HUSKY! (Get a free Husky logo design debit card, or a regular red one)
    2. Free Auto Show this weekend! (Friday before 6p)

    Thanks again,

  2. Promo code: RAFQ219

    To qualify for the $100 bonus deposit, new members must:

    1) Keep their accounts open for 90 days,
    2) Do 5 transactions (purchase with debit card, payment using bill pay, write a check) OR Deposit $500 or more into a checking account

  3. Hi,

    This is unclear to me. Where do I provide promo code & referral code? I’m trying to signup, but the form is asking me about membership eligibility : WA/ ID/ OR and boeing employee/ boeing company/ credit union. I’m not sure which to choose?? I’m not in any of those states.

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